Managed IT Cloud Services


Whether you're a CEO, an IT manager or a small business owner, you need a more practical and cost effective approach to managing your business technology today. You need to be ready for anything, and the key to that is adaptability. That requires elastic, scalable infrastructure that's flexible, responsive and easy to upgrade or downgrade without penalty. Virtual Density solves those challenges and makes sure you never pay for more than you need.


Virtual Density is the experienced cloud service provider that can give you instant access to a complete computing environment without the costs and risk of building and maintaining it yourself. Our solutions deliver an all inclusive, managed and fully supported IT infrastructure that requires minimal upfront capital investment.

IT Services from Virtual Density include:

  • Internet Continuity -  Resilient Backup Internet Services

  • Managed Security - Anti Ransom solutions for servers, PCs, Macs & Linux

  • Email Message Sanitizing - Anti Spam, Anti Malware with multilevel protection

  • Hosted Email - Microsoft 365 & Smartermail

  • Resilient Cloud Hosting - Low-cost, high-availability web, email & application hosting

  • Cloud Storage - Data Backup & elastic file storage for PC & Mac workgroups

  • Hosted VM Networks - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) powered by VMWare

  • Server Colocation - your physical servers run in our industry compliant datacenters

  • Managed Disaster Recovery - Standby virtual servers replace your facilities on demand

Built on secure virtualization technology, Virtual Density's Cloud Platform enables the quick deployment of servers and applications for your cloud environment. We can provision applications, services and software on-demand. All necessary infrastructure, server hardware, software licenses and ongoing management are bundled into a single monthly cost, creating a nimble and scalable platform to run your business critical applications. The Virtual Density Cloud Platform allows administrators to instantly provision virtual dedicated servers, IT services or business applications on a pay per use model, so your costs are always matched to your needs.