Christopher Furey and his firm has been instrumental in helping my company expand our web site needs and ensure that we are using the best technologies for the most reliable web site performance. We have increased from one site to three sites, and moved to a virtualized platform, as our own business has expanded in its high availability server needs.

VP of Technology at Spot On Networks
New Haven, CT

We had the opportunity to work with Chris on a recent IT Audit for one of our customers. The experience was great. Chris and his team were professional, informative and thorough. Chris has an extensive knowledge of leveraging available cloud based resources. He is also a great resource regarding server virtualization and business continuity planning. We highly recommend Chris and his team.

Vice President at Edu Tek Ltd.
Greater NYC area

Great to work with. Patient and good at explaining and working with intricate concepts. Worked within budget, on time, and exceeded expectations. Great communication and is able to properly manage and deliver IT services which include putting in time after hours. Highly recommend working with Chris and Virtual Density.

Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems Director
Town of Newtown, CT

We’ve placed our email hosting with Christopher and his firm, Virtual Density, since 2010. It has been a great experience. Christopher and his team provide vast expertise, great customer service and great value. Small to mid-size businesses should forget Go Daddy and Go To Virtual Density.

President, COO & Co-founder at WhosHere
Washington DC area

I would like to thank you and your back up technology for saving the day for me – I recently had my laptop crash and my company was not able to access the data on my hard drive. I had been using the Virtual Backup product from Virtual Density and it worked as promised and your tech staff was wonderful in assisting me to restore all my files. Nick Sparaco was very helpful in that process. Thanks a million – really made the day and saved me from having to recreate a number of files that I keep on my laptop.

Executive National Account Manager
AboveNet Inc – NYC

Virtual Density hosts and manages our sites and corporate email in their cloud platform. I highly endorse the quality of work performed by Chris as well as his knowledge of technology and how it can help our business. I highly recommend Chris and his team.

CEO at Field Media
Atlanta GA

Chris Furey has the rare combination of outstanding analytical and leadership skills in business. He has the gift of understanding problems on both technical and personal levels, dissecting them, and coming to a logical solution. Our partnership has been one of the most rewarding of my career.

Director at Westchester Community College
Valhalla NY

So many business owners have to traverse the complicated landscape of computer networking and related services. It’s an extremely daunting task. Having someone like Chris on your team, to explain, advise, consult and manage is an invaluable asset to any company.

Executive Director at Hudson Fusion
Ossining NY

To paraphrase some crazy politician, it’s the data, stupid – not the technology; that’s always changing. Chris knows this future like few others. He sees its opportunities, its risks and its enemies. He is one of the few building at the edge of solutions – not the bleeding edge, but the leading, risk adverse edge. Most importantly, he knows how to get you there; no matter what kind of mess you’ve spent yourself into.
Combined with exceedingly high integrity and a leaning towards getting it right the first and every time, these are rare skills in any project leader specializing in saving your business from certain destruction in an increasingly unpredictable competitive global market. Maybe your luck will hold out, but the percentages are against it. Chris saved our behind more than once, and I’m sure he’ll do it again.

TSC Engineering/nextENERGYnetworks
Stamford CT

Chris is truly a visionary, possessing a rare mix of experience and vision – resulting in solutions that are forward thinking, effective and executable. In a world of consultants and proposals, Chris manages to cut through the red tape and consistently deliver actionable solutions to complicated problems. He has helped shape my career and has always been a reliable and pleasant person to work with.

VP Technology & Strategy at eStrategyFirst
Petaluma CA

My first technology job was working for Chris many years ago. He is a leader and visionary in the technology industry. He has the rare ability to break down complex technology and explain it to technical people; and also be able to effectively communicate the strategic application to a CEO. Chris has always demonstrated a tremendous work ethic. That in addition to his personal integrity make him a guy that I would never hesitate to recommend.

VP IT Operations
Weightwatchers International – NYC

Chris Furey to me is one of the top ten brightest people in the world. I’m in the learning business, so I love intelligent people. He is beyond intelligent. I cannot imagine how he knows and provides such knowledge on a free thinking basis. He is on the ball about this cloud computing stuff, maybe close to a ten in winning ideas and feedback. A joy. His vision for Virtual Density is timely, intuitive and effective. There is no place in the cloud they cannot take you or your organization. Trust him, then relax, sit back and watch the results they deliver.

CEO at Montessori Home & Learn To Read Online
Scarsdale NY

Chris is one of “those” people I find myself engaging in powerful conversations with and finding enormous value in the ebb and flow of keeping up with his enormous wealth of experience, insight, personal connections and out-of-the-box thinking. But the real value of those conversations comes from further reflection later-on, when I recognize that I’ve incorporated something new and valuable into my thinking – and carry that forward with me.
I highly recommend Chris to anyone who has questions about how to use technology effectively, efficiently and for maximum value. I do caution though, if you are looking for casual information – beware. Chris brings a level of intensity and intelligence that challenges you to raise the level of your game!

Vistage Group Chair & MD
Strat4 – Monroe NY