Datacenter Facilities

Enterprise Infrastructure You Can Trust

Virtual Density delivers cloud services from seven top-tier data center facilities located in the US, Europe and Asia. Our primary hosting facilities are owned by Digital Realty Trust (see DLR on NYSE) in Ashburn VA. To support our design requirement for network, systems and facilities diversity, we also securely host and distribute customer digital assets from DLR data centers in San Jose CA, Dallas TX, Amsterdam, London, Singapore and Paris.

Each facility meets or exceeds Tier III standards, the highest commercially available datacenter rating as measured by the Uptime Institute. These facilities are engineered to conform with the industry's highest reliability standards, to ensure the security and availability of your applications and data.


  • 24x7 monitoring by closed-circuit cameras and onsite guards
  • Our data center space is physically isolated and accessible only by our designated administrators
  • Access is restricted by authorized personnel through biometric two-factor authentication

Power and Environment

  • Redundant UPS and Generator backups for all systems
  • HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are arranged in a N+1 redundancy configuration
  • Automated controls provide the appropriate levels of airflow, temperature, and humidity

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Multi-zoned, dry pipe, water based fire suppression systems
  • Monitors to sample air and provide alarms prior to pressurization
  • Dual alarm activation necessary for water pressurization
  • Water discharge specific to fire alarm location

Flood Control and Earthquake

  • All facilities built well above sea level with no basement areas
  • Moisture barriers on exterior walls
  • Dedicated pump rooms for drainage/evacuations systems
  • Moisture detection systems
  • Location specific seismic compliance
  • All facilities meet or exceed requirements for local seismic building codes

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