Beware Domain Listing Scams

This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing?

Have you gotten one of the notices below?  We get them regularly and they're not legit.  If you've read my other blog posts about spotting email scams and fraud you know there are several ways to spot a scam or bad email.

Sendspace spam may be a blackhole

This morning's crop of junk mail (properly sorted by SmarterMail into my junk email folder!) includes the email I copied below.

According to clicking on any of the links included in the original email (but redacted here for your safety) would bring you to a malicious website.

Top 25 passwords – is yours on the list?

Passwords are the key to our world.

When I think about all the places I use a combination of numbers and letters to identify myself it's astounding. We all have passwords for things from ATM cards to alarm panels to email to Amazon and Shutterfly.  It's hard to remember them -  I do have a cheat sheet that I can refer to in case of emergency - but never, ever, ever do ever I use passwords that are plain text or sequential numbers and neither should you.

Virus Here, Virus There… Virus, Virus Everywhere

I got a phone call this morning from a client.  Seems someone in his organization clicked on a link in an email and got immediately whacked with a virus that wiped out his Windows desktop icons and all the program entries off the Start button.  The offending email was in his personal account on one of the free webmail services (Yahoo in this case) and therefore had not been scanned by our corporate mail scanner.