Are Your Email Messages Ticking Time Bombs?

We all know someone in our lives who shoots from the lip. You know the type. That person who blurts startling stuff without any care for consequence. You may even do it yourself. Although we all have moments when we really want to tell someone off, most of us have a mental control mechanism that acts like an automatic trigger safety that helps to zip our lip.

2011, a good year to hate "the cloud"..

Am I the only one who’s watched the new Microsoft commercials and been dumbfounded by how utterly moronic they are? The one with the mom who can’t get a decent photo out of her family is half a hoot. If I’d fidgeted that much in a photo sit, my mom would have told me where to go, and it wouldn’t have been to “the cloud”… but I digress. That such a game changing technology as cloud computing could be dumbed down to a dopey Photoshop head twisting trick seems really pathetic to me. But those commercials just serve to punctuate how hard it is to describe or explain the benefits of server virtualization, Software as a Service and platform time-sharing to the non-geek masses in a 30 second spot.

My goal this year is to help vent the hype, focus the conversation, explain the value and lend my magical powers of disambiguation to my readers and clients. Personally, I don’t like the term “The Cloud”. I think it’s a lame name.. it’s ethereal and vague and mysterious and complicated. No wonder people have so trouble understanding it and are so uncertain about how to benefit from it. I created Virtual Density to be a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of computing as a service. I want to help you see “The Cloud Beyond the Fog”. Drop in on me here if you want to follow my random rants and ramblings. I wish you peace and prosperity in this new year.