Spam Alert! On the importance of being earnest

The email address:
Here's the email address of the sender:""  Have you ever seen a business email address that begins with "mr"? I suppose it's possible, but I'd mark it with a red flag and be suspicious. And, if this is an official email from HSBC where's the logo and where's the official signature with the Bank address and contact information?

The greeting:
"Attention"  Really?  I've been called a lot of things in my day, but "Attention" hasn't been one of them.

Beware Domain Listing Scams

This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing?

Have you gotten one of the notices below?  We get them regularly and they're not legit.  If you've read my other blog posts about spotting email scams and fraud you know there are several ways to spot a scam or bad email.