How do I set my DNS settings with my domain registrar?

This answer is for Virtual Density DenseMail customers or ex-MagsNet customers who are transitioning from MagsNet Sendmail systems to our standard or premium replacement platforms.

Changing DNS settings is a task best supervised by us, so we ask you contact us for oversight before making ANY changes, including the ones below. Please do not skip this step. Once we've conferred with you regarding the email migration process, you can follow the instructions that follow.

The final step in migrating email platforms is to change the DNS servers to point the MX records to your new email server. If we already have administrative or technical control of your DNS, or if you're registered through our master accounts on SRSPlus or BulkRegister, we will handle the DNS changes for you. If we do not control or manage your DNS, you will need to login to your domain account on your domain registrar's portal (Network Solutions, GoDaddy,, etc) and change your DNS servers.

Set the Primary DNS to:

Set the Secondary DNS to:

If there is an entry for a third DNS record or higher, you can erase that entry or clear it out.

Save your records and you're done. The changes will take somewhere between 20 minutes to 48 hours to propagate across the internet.