Co-Managed IT Services

About 85 cents of each dollar spent on IT today is used to "keep the lights on". This means investments in new projects and network infrastructure upgrades have all but stalled. Organizations have slashed IT budgets to the bone, eliminated IT positions and some have even outsourced their IT management services entirely to independent service providers... sometimes with underwhelming results and low user satisfaction.

If $.85 of each dollar keeps the lights on, it's impossible to make significant systems and network improvements with the remaining 15 cents. Virtual Density specializes in helping our clients reclaim money that's being spent inefficiently, to increase that 15 cent differential. This reduces opex and capex and lowers operational risk, while improving IT security, efficiency and business recoverability after a disaster.

For smaller clients who lack an internal IT staff, we often recommend outsourcing the IT department in total. For firms who have an internal IT department, we bring the tools, techniques and the talent to enhance the existing team and develop a plan to provide expert oversight. Our approach increases user satisfaction and allows the internal staff to focus on the business, instead of being chronically distracted by petty user support issues and low value maintenance tasks.

Our co-management style is to maintain total collegial respect at all times, without ever questioning the value of the internal IT staff, pointing fingers or threatening their position. Our decades of CIO and CTO level experience ensure our ability to boost morale and re-energize even the most jaded IT department.

Virtual Density is a trusted advisor and an expert provider of

  • Hosted Trouble Ticketing, Helpdesk and KnowledgeBase Software
  • Fully Managed Data Backup Administration and Reporting
  • Systems Continuity and Operational Resilience
  • Hardware & Software Asset Inventory Collecting and Reporting
  • Network Documentation Review, Change and Creation
  • Remote PC, Server & Network Monitoring & Management
  • PC Endpoint Security w/Proactive Spyware & Antivirus Service
  • Server and Specialty Application Administration
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

In a co-managed network, we work with a company's management team and their internal IT team to develop an IT support plan that meets the needs of the user base, the DR requirements of the business and the budget. We install our help desk and trouble ticketing platform to ensure tasks and tickets are routed to the resource best prepared to solve the problem or handle the support request, whether internal or external.

Co-managed IT services from Virtual Density provide you with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses. That means you get more value from the technology you've already invested in, while actually reducing the total costs of IT problems and the expense of resulting downtime.

Our support plans offer flexible coverage after hours, on weekends and for vacation coverage. And we can assist on special projects or be used to execute tasks on demand that the internal team lacks the staffing, time or expertise to handle. We work unobtrusively and help management maximize the budget, improve operational resilience and user satisfaction.

With Co-Managed IT Services from Virtual Density, you can expect :

  • Peace of mind - your systems are monitored & maintained 24/7
  • Less downtime - we identify and fix the issues that usually cause problems
  • Faster recovery - our proactive approach ensures you get back to work faster
  • Fewer disruptions - we stay out of your way and provide most services remotely
  • Predictable budgeting - all-in-one/flat-rate costs with Hardware as a Service option

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