Managed Data Protection

Proper system recovery is a black art which requires a solid understanding of complex software, expert knowledge of a very precise recovery process and a little bit of luck. Ironically, the data backup task is often delegated to one of the lowest level people on the IT team. So it should not be a surprise that most system restore efforts fail. And it's for this very reason that the hard drive data recovery business is booming.

Business owners would never let the person tagged with the backup role take home the company checkbook and a signature stamp. But they let them walk out the door with fragile, unsecured tapes or drives as part of their "offsite data protection" strategy. Handing the backup role to someone ill equipped to do a proper recovery is a fools errand and it builds a false sense of security that could prove fatal to the enterprise. Unlike the loss limit on the balance in a checking account, the contents of a critical system may be priceless and its loss devastating.

In larger organizations, data is often left unprotected and at risk simply because management assumes someone "in IT" is properly protecting those assets. Protecting data is a process fraught with many things that can go wrong and even senior IT people admit to being uncomfortable with the task. At Virtual Density we feel the process is so critical that we regard the discipline as loss prevention instead of data backup. That's why we offer a managed data protection strategy supervised by administrators paid to ensure recoverability after a data loss event or disaster.

The Virtual Density team is staffed by experts who perform periodic confidence tests to assure key data sets can be restored and key systems quickly recovered. We can protect anything from a single laptop user, to an entire multi-location enterprise. We have the tools and experience to assess the risk and protect notebooks, application servers and everything in between.

Managed Backup and System Continuity services from Virtual Density provide you with reliable data protection at a predictable monthly cost. That means you get more uptime from the technology you've already invested in, while actually reducing the total cost of recovery and the expense of resulting downtime.

Virtual Density is a trusted adviser and resource for:

  • Laptop Backup - from a single user to a fleet of hundreds
  • Desktop PC Backup - >70% of company data is on unprotected PC's
  • Remote User Backup - we fix the "out of sight/out of mind" problem
  • Remote and Branch Office Backup - we provide reach and visibility
  • File Server Backup - Windows, Linux, Unix & Mac
  • Application Server Backup - MS-SQL, MySQL, Exchange & Sharepoint
  • Periodic Bare Metal System Imaging for Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Administration of Internal Backup Systems
  • Complete DR and Business Continuity Planning

Why bet your business or your career on a bad DIY plan or cheap online backup providers when you can work with local experts who will help you both remotely or at your site if required? In the long run, backup isn't really about backup. Backup is about recovery after a loss. Our loss prevention strategy and commitment to recovery quite simply can't be matched by other online data backup service providers.

With our Managed Backup & System Continuity Services, you can expect:

  • Peace of mind - your backup jobs are monitored & maintained 24/7/365
  • Assured recovery - our proactive approach ensures we can restore systems faster
  • Quick file restores - whether you need a deleted file, folder or drive, we can restore it
  • Predictable budgeting - all-in-one/flat-rate costs with a managed on-site hardware option

Would you like to sleep at night knowing your critical information is protected?

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