Cloud Storage

Backup, Archiving & File Sharing

Remember when hard drives and server space cost a small fortune and was difficult to upgrade, backup and manage? Virtual Density's vCloud DenseStor services have changed that thinking forever.

We provide the software and know-how at a very low monthly cost per gigabyte. If you need safe, elastic and reasonably-priced space, you can count on us to help you reduce your storage management costs and return sanity to your file or message storage efforts.

Disk drives have become cheap but reliability has suffered. If you've ever lost a big USB drive with important data on it then you know that cheap storage is really no bargain. What if you could attach your laptop, PC, Mac or server to elastic storage that was instantly provisioned, massively redundant and always backed up for you? What if you could access that space and collaborate with your colleagues, friends or family exactly as you require? Now you can.

We offer DenseStor storage services on EMC storage arrays as well as on Amazon, Rackspace and private cloud storage platforms.

  • vFiler - onsite NAS appliance with offsite cloud replication
  • vDrive - shared cloud drive for workgroups under 50 users
  • vMessageArchive - cloud archive storage for email messages
  • vDataArchive - save space on your servers by archiving to us
  • Custom designed elastic storage solutions -our specialty

Why try to forecast your usage and buy drives or unmanaged NAS devices when you can offload files to the cloud securely and with full redundancy and total peace of mind?

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