Hosted VMWare Servers

Cloud Servers - Virtual Machines (VMs)

The Virtual Density Cloud is all about ability... as in affordability, reliability and scalability. So whether your business is a startup, an emerging growth firm ready for takeoff, or an enterprise seeking cost control, we have virtual solutions to meet your needs today and grow with you tomorrow.

Our VM servers are built on VMware vSphere. That means they are highly configurable, secure, virtual machines that allow granular control and easy customization. And upgrades are simple with additional CPUs, more RAM and extra storage just a click away. You can off start small but be confident our solution will grow with your needs.

Our secure VMs are hosted on physical servers in our enterprise-grade public cloud. We use VMWare High Availability (HA), VMotion and DRS to ensure 100% Service Level Availability. These advanced technologies support our promise to keep your servers up and running without fail. And each of our VMs are built on the best-of-class infrastructure, with routing and switching from Cisco, SAN storage from EMC, and the latest Dell servers.

Our Cloud Servers support Microsoft Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu & CentOS Server and they can be deployed and managed by our NOC team or by you via our control panel. Learn More

Key Cloud Server Features:

  • Customize CPU, RAM & local storage on servers - on the fly
  • Clone VMs to create backup 'gold-disc master images'
  • Deploy masters as a duplicate of an existing server
  • Import and Export VMs to or from your infrastructure

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Cloud Networks - Private Layer-2 VLANs

Our Cloud Networks are Layer 2 private networks built on Cisco switching fabric providing unparalleled security and performance for your environment.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable ACL-based firewall rules
  • Flexible NAT and VIP rules for your private IP addresses
  • Set load-balancing and port translation across multiple virtual servers, with the ability to take servers in and out of service as needed
  • Implement fully clustered architectures with Multicasting

Our Layer 2 architecture also allows for guaranteed sub-millisecond access times between systems on your Cloud Network. Learn More

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