DriveSync CloudDrive

Think of it as a file server. Without the server. Secure 24/7 access. And no hardware to buy or break.

DriveSync CloudDrive brings the power of elastic storage and the economics of the cloud to any sized organization. Access drive space, sync folders and share files among teams of 2 to 100 members. Think of it as a file server without the server, or a NAS device without hardware. There's nothing to buy or break.

CloudDrive combines low-cost storage with advanced drive sharing and data replication software. Simple to use, it appears as a local drive attached to your system. And it's reliable, because it keeps a cached copy of your most frequently used files on your hard disk, so you can work even when you're without an Internet connection. And we keep the data synced across multiple data centers for extreme reliability.

It's a perfect solution for small teams, consultants, contractors and enterprise workgroups that need shared space to store project information and files. Best of all, it works without VPN software, requires no accounts on your servers and eliminates domain trust issues or any need for firewall changes.

CloudDrive users simply install a small software agent on their PC, Mac or Linux system to get instant access to a virtual storage server in the cloud. Share folders, synchronize files between users or even use the cloud drive as a data backup or file archive repository. The "sky's the limit" with our advanced cloud drive technology.

DriveSync CloudDrive Key Features:

  • Low cost & no hardware to buy - Unlike adding NAS storage or a new drive to your server, CloudDrive allows you to start small, grow or shrink only paying for the storage you need on one monthly bill. You can tap into 150GB of secure, shared, offsite storage for less than the monthly cost of most cell phone plans.
  • Works like a local drive - CloudDrive provides your team a secure place to store shared files as if they were stored on a local drive, NAS or server. And you control user rights and limit user access.
  • Collaborate simply & seamlessly - users can instantly sync document updates with others, so the entire team has access to the latest file revisions right on their local system - even when offline.
  • Save time & money with personal backup vaults - our unique backup vault feature is included at no extra charge. This makes personal data backups more efficient and reduces storage costs with advanced data de-duplication technology that prevents users from backing up the same data twice.
  • Emergency access from any computer - Cloud Folders provide easy access in a pinch when you're away from your desktop. Our secure web portal lets you upload or download the information you need, any time you need it.
  • Cost efficient storage pooling - every new user added to your CloudDrive service automatically contributes their 10GB storage allocation to the team storage pool. This spreads the cost of storage among the team members evenly and eliminates individual quotas to ensure you don't have to manage or buy additional storage for any single user.
  • Perfect for archiving for old data - why bother backing up data that never changes anymore? With CloudDrive you can copy your "dead files" to the cloud and reclaim all that space on your server or hard drive. Your data will be stored securely in the cloud and available when you need it, saving you backup time, space and the bother of backing it up.
  • Free data backup software included - each plan includes data backup software to let you protect your most critical files and folders automatically each day. Pick your files and folders using a familiar user interface, set your schedule, and your local files will be securely backed up to two data centers in the cloud automatically. Restoring lost, damaged or corrupted files is just as easy.

SSL & AES-256bit Encryption Assures It's Secure

Data stored on the CloudDrive service is protected by SSL encryption while traversing the Internet and with AES-256 bit encryption available to secure the data while at rest in the cloud. This helps ensure all confidential information stays confidential. And data stored on our service is automatically striped across multiple storage networks in at least two data centers, so it's always protected and available when you need it.

Check out our basic storage plans below and choose a plan that meets your needs. If you need something larger just let us know and we'll provide a custom quote. CloudDrive agents are available in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions to work with Windows XP, Vista & Win 7; and Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008. And we support Mac OSX and Linux too!

DriveSync CloudDrive Storage Plans

One Windows or Mac Account with 10GB of Cloud Storage $19.95/mo.
10 User CloudDrive with 100GB of Cloud Storage & Software $99.95/mo.
20 User CloudDrive with 250GB of Cloud Storage & Software $199.95/mo.
Additional Cloud Storage (in 25GB increments) $.50/GB/mo.

Why not put the power of CloudDrive to work for your team? We can set you up with a private, secure cloud drive with full sync and backup features in under an hour.

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