CTO Advisory

Virtual Density offers a unique value to our SME (Small & Midsized Enterprise) clients in our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Advisory services. Our CTO Advisory service allows us to establish an executive level relationship with our clients, empowering us to work across the table from other senior managers to promote, support and deliver their business objectives, instead of operating as a company outsider.

In larger organizations, the CTO is the highest-level executive at a company who, in alignment with the CEO and other key strategic executives, designs, executes, and manages all IT and Infrastructure systems. As your virtual CTO resource, Virtual Density is available on a scheduled basis to work with your company as a strategic trusted partner, not simply a vendor, in everything from Operations and Management to strategic planning, execution, deployment and support.

Our CTO advisory service is efficient as well as cost effective, as most SME companies can't afford to have a CTO on staff and available 24/7 to work strategically to mitigate IT related operational risk and manage the related Infrastructure systems. After all, managing complex IT service delivery systems is what we do. So if your company has an internal IT department, we can function as your department manager to ensure you leverage your existing team efficiently. The results of integrating CTO Advisory with our Co-managed Services produce optimal operations, reduce your HR expense, eliminate “questionable value” within the IT team and contribute directly to your bottom line with measurable savings, improved disaster recovery and reduced risk.

Our CTO Advisory practice is headed by our own CTO, Christopher Furey. Chris has a proven 30 year track record of advising on and executing operations in complex IT environments for firms with hundreds of employees and up to $500 million in revenue. Our other CTO's have a minimum of 10-years senior IT experience bringing the skills, maturity and intelligence needed to work at the executive management and operational level you need to run your business. Why not have us in for a visit to discuss the many ways we can bring focus and efficiency to your IT operations?