CloudCare: Basic Service

Some organizations have special needs but everyone needs the basics covered.

CloudCare Basic is the place to start and you can tailor a plan to your needs from here.

CloudCare Basic Includes:

  • Initial Site Survey : Your assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) will visit your primary office location to review, analyze and understand the present condition of your network taking note of potential problem areas including:
    • Internet Throughput and Reliability Testing
    • Firewalls and Network Security Review
    • Data Backup & System Recovery Review
    • Endpoint Security Review of Virus & Malware Protection
    • Spam Filtering & Email Archiving Review
    • System Performance & Usage Review
    • Overall Network Design and Layout
    • Hardware Integrity Check (to assess pending failures)
  • Managed Service Plan : Our 24/7/365 network management service polls your systems regularly and provides the visibility we need to see every critical aspect of your network. We can detect and report problems before they turn into system or network downtime, data loss or expensive repairs.  All CloudCare Support Plans include:
    • 24x7 Monitoring of Your Broadband Connection
    • Annual Penetration Testing of Your Firewall
    • System Resource Utilization & Trending Reports
    • Complete Systems Audit
    • Inventory Reporting of all Software & Hardware Assets
    • Deployment of Windows Desktop Patches & Critical System Software Updates
    • Scheduled Malware & Virus Scanning & Removal + AV Updates
    • Hard Drive Storage Space Monitoring & S.M.A.R.T Availability Testing on PC's
    • Regularly Scheduled Monthly Management Reports
    • Applied Best Practices & Maintenance Procedures
    • Discounted Labor Rate for Remote & Onsite Support Visits
    • Free Data Backup Agents for PCs & Macs
    • 10GB of Offsite Data Backup Vault Space per PC (additional space available)
    • TeamViewer Remote Access Software (like GoToMyPC)
    • Website, Email & DNS Hosting w/Spam & Virus Filtering
    • Managed DNS Registration Monitoring & Domain Renewal Service
  • CTO Services and Risk Assessment : Scheduled quarterly visit to discuss our analysis of your network's trends, security and performance and review the past period's technical issues.  We'll also discuss your business goals and any growth or reduction assumptions for the coming period.  This process will allow us to make specific recommendations for improving your network performance, office productivity and helps you plan and budget for changing IT requirements.

Get everything above for just $25/user per month.

Add advanced services to personalize CloudCare to fit your own needs. You'll end up with a customized IT support solution that fits both your needs and your budget.