CloudCare: Managed IT

If you ever wished you could find an expert IT service provider who was reliable AND affordable, then CloudCare is for you. CloudCare support plans provide you with the immediate technical support you need, while maximizing your network's performance, stability and up-time. All without the need or expense of a full-time IT staff.  By working with a designated employee on your staff, we guarantee to improve IT services, reduce operational risk and normalize costs.

Unlike reactive IT service firms who profit from every breakdown and failure in your IT environment, we are proactive by nature. We designed CloudCare to PREVENT problems from devolving into unexpected downtime, data loss, business interruption or financial loss.  Our proactive maintenance and management plans offer you a flat, affordable rate you can budget for and expert technical support you can trust.

Our Cost Savings & Uptime Performance Benefits are Real

  • We help avoid expensive downtime and unbudgeted repair or recovery costs. Our network monitoring and maintenance saves you money by preventing expensive network disasters from happening in the first place.
  • We accelerate system performance and reduce downtime. Your systems degrade in performance over time, causing them to slow down, hang and eventually crash.  Our proactive maintenance and network monitoring will detect these problems early and prevent them from becoming more costly repairs and downtime.
  • We provide an in-house IT department experience without the expense. You benefit by having direct access to a mature, experienced, US-based support team that is always on standby to support you when a problem or question arises.
  • We eliminate trip fees and you receive faster incident resolution. Our team can diagnose and repair most problems right from our Network Operation Center in Danbury, CT.
  • We reduce variable IT costs to a flat, predictable expense you can budget for. Our support model is proven and with our quarterly CTO review services you'll get regular, scheduled risk assessments to help you avoid downtime and unbudgeted emergency costs.
  • We'll safeguard your data. Your data is the crown jewel in your business operation and a hidden asset.  Without their data, most businesses cannot survive.  We're experts at protecting your most critical electronic assets. Data protection is core to our service and we will create a workable and understandable disaster recovery or business continuity plan.
  • We provide the latest, most effective anti-virus technology to filter malware, reduce spam, kill pop-ups and keep badware from infesting your network. We've got your back, proactively.
  • You'll rest assured. Business is tough enough without having to worry about your IT reliability.  The Virtual Density team will handle all facets of your network care, security and maintenance.
  • Flexible support plans. One size does not fit all.  Start with the basic care plan and we'll help you choose the services that best fit your company needs.