Small Business Data Protection Redefined

RapidRecovery™  is an advanced backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution that's easy to use, is cost effective and provides an insurance policy against costly downtime. RapidRecovery™ provides affordable intelligent business continuity to small businesses.

Just because a business is small, doesn’t mean that their data is any less susceptible to a disaster. Every business can benefit from the protection that intelligent business continuity offers, but some may not be able to afford it. Built on the backbone of the Datto ShadowSnap™ agent, RapidReovery™ is an advanced backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution that is easy to use, cost effective, and provides an insurance policy against costly downtime. With RapidRecovery™, users can significantly decrease the likelihood of interruptions in business continuity by providing a unique feature-set previously unavailable to the small business, such as image-based backup and Hybrid Virtualization™ technology.
Image-based backup is the backbone of RapidRecovery™ and adds significant usability in disaster scenarios. With image-based backup, you don't need to pick and choose what files are backed up or worry about saving the most recent draft to a network share, backup folder, or cloud service. Rather, the entire system is automatically backed up seamlessly, unknown to the user, at granular intervals. The system images, or snapshots, are then saved on the local device and mirrored into the cloud, providing a high level of redundancy in your backups across multiple locations.
Hybrid Virtualization™ the combination of instant off-site virtualization and the single-click connectivity of instant local virtualization. A failed system can be spun up easily from RapidRecovery's interface, dramatically reducing downtime. Automatic VPN technology seamlessly connects the virtualization from the user’s local network to our secure off-site servers. In the event of a local disaster, entire networks can be recreated virtually and connected directly to the cloud.
Defining the leading edge in technology, Inverse Chain Technology™ creates an optimal backup chain from scratch, and restores and virtualizes every point. Plus, you can change retention dynamically with the size on the device without having to reset or reseed. Inverse Chain Technology™ saves the backups in VDMK format, which means you can export backups and play them on a hypervisor or transport the VM and leverage your existing VM environment.
RapidRecovery™ includes automated virtualization testing software. Screenshot backup verification takes the hassle and worry out of checking backups. Once a day RapidRecovery™ takes a backup and virtualizes it locally, not attached to the network. Once running it snaps an image of the login screen then checks that image to make sure it is valid. After the image is checked it is prepared in an email and sent out as an alert.
This breakthrough technology allows users to perform bare metal restores to dissimilar hardware over the clients network reliability and securely. Starting from an imaged USB thumb drive the user will follow an intuitive interface from selecting machines to automatic partitioning. The process cuts down restore time dramatically while also improving the advanced options for users looking to customize their new machine.
SpeedSync is proprietary technology for quickly and efficiently transferring files to and from the cloud. Smart queuing is used to prioritize more critical data. Recovery point pipelining allows the next recovery point to upload while the current point is being received. Finally, agent sync parallelism allows multiple agents to sync off-site simultaneously. The combination of these technologies provide greater data integrity, reduced network traffic, and keeps your off-site backups up to date, particularly in low bandwidth environments and those with busy network traffic.
With no upfront cost for the local device, a low monthly service cost, and even lower cost/GB cloud storage, Virtual Density's RapidRecovery™ is an affordable solution that can be easily implemented into any managed service providers' business that offers traditional file level backup solutions.
We're here to answer your questions and help you find the solution that best fits your business needs. Schedule your hassle-free, no obligation assessment today by calling us at 203.987.4566 or email our team at sales@virtualdensity.com. We'll get you started on the road to RapidRecovery™.