Data Backup

Your data is your business. Protecting it is oursTM.

"I would like to thank you and your back up technology for saving the day for me – I recently had my laptop crash and my company was not able to access the data on my hard drive. I had been using the Virtual Backup product from Virtual Density and it worked as promised and your tech staff was wonderful in assisting me to restore all my files. Thanks a million – really made the day and saved me from having to recreate a number of files that I keep on my laptop."

Kevin Nevitt
Executive National Account Manager
at AboveNet Inc - NYC Cloud

Backup services are growing in popularity - due in part to the relentless advertising of cheap, consumer grade providers like Mozy and Carbonite, but they're not all created equal. Some providers purposely throttle their upload, which slows down your backups and worse yet, your recovery. And they offer short retention policies, making them inadequate for anyone who needs many file revisions for safekeeping or compliance.

Virtual Backup provides fast upload speeds and flexible file retention options. And we're one of very few cloud providers to offer a local, on-site restore option. If you ever need a substantial amount of data restored faster than broadband will allow, we can dispatch a technician to your office or ship your data on a USB drive and remotely help you to restore your information.

For proper protection, you need a "business-class" provider with solutions designed to protect your critical data kept at remote offices, on employee laptops and on PC's and Mac's. Your provider should also be able to protect your company servers, whether they run Linux or Windows or apps like Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and MySQL.

Virtual Backup was designed to be flexible, because one size never fits all. Whether you want to outsource the total administration of your backups - or you just want a low-cost backup plan to protect your most critical assets, we can help. And we protect your privacy with full encryption on redundant disk arrays at multiple data centers with full backup power and fault tolerance.

Our proven experience and customer testimonials should make us worthy of your consideration.  Come hell or high water... we restore what we back up, without excuse or apology.

Below you'll find some basic pricing to help you project costs for a plan that will protect the PC's and servers in your organization. If you need something different, just let us know and we'll provide a custom quote.

Virtual Backup Service Plans

Home Office (30GB vault + 2 desk/laptop agents) $29.95/mo.
Small Office (50GB + 5 desk/laptop agents) $69.95/mo.
Mid Office (100GB + 10 desk/laptops + 1 server) $149.95/mo.
Bigger Office (200GB + 20 desk/laptop + 2 servers)  $279.95/mo.
Build Your Own Plan - Mix Agents and Space Below
Windows or Mac Desktop/Laptop Backup Agent $9.95/mo. ea.
Windows Small Business Server Backup Agent $29.95/mo.ea.
Windows or Linux Server Agent $29.95/mo.ea.
Desktop/Laptop Vault Space $0.65/GB/mo.
Server Vault Space $1.35/GB/mo.
Customer Provided USB Seed Backup Upload $89.00 flat
Large Volume (2TB+) Corporate & Wholesale Plans from $.45/GB/mo.
Optional Application Server Plug-Ins for Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Mailbox Restore, MS-SQL, Sharepoint, MySQL, VMWare or Bare Metal No Charge

Note: All Virtual Backup cloud data backup plans are subject to a setup fee equal to one month of service. Every plan includes a web-based management portal to help you manage larger pools of protected assets. We even have a hybrid cloud solution with a backup appliance that can be installed in your datacenter or branch offices. Call us and test-drive the best cloud data backup service for small and mid-sized organizations.

Virtual Backup software agents are available for Microsoft Windows Desktop (Win 2000, XP, Vista & Win 7), Microsoft Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008, SBS & EBS), Mac OSX, Linux and FreeBSD.

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