Data Archiving

Why backup old files that never change? Archive those files with us.

Data backup is time consuming and expensive. So why continue to backup files each day or month that never change? What if you could safely delete them from your servers or NAS devices and be sure you can still access them whenever you need them? What if you never had to worry about backing them up again?

Virtual Data Archive is a reliable online repository which replaces fragile tapes, unreliable USB drives, cumbersome DVDs and human error. There is nothing to break, misplace, lose or get stolen. VDA is the safe place to store important files that you need to keep available, that aren't accessed every day. Typically these are historical files that don't change any more, waste space and slow down your daily backup.

VDA brings elastic storage and the affordability of the cloud to any size organization. It's safe, low-cost offsite storage that you can access any time you need to. It's easy to use and acts like a local drive attached to your system or server. It's perfect for storing large CAD files, old PST files, scanned documents, photo libraries, old customer files, documents and large digital objects like recorded transcripts, video surveillance footage or medical images.

We install a small software agent on your PC, Mac or Linux system and provide instant access to an archive drive in the cloud. It's reasonably priced, you only pay for what you use and you never run out of room, which means the "sky's the limit" with our advanced cloud technology.

Virtual Data Archiving Features:

  • Use it to archive old servers & PC's - The perfect time to consider archiving old, infrequently used information, is when you decommission old servers, PC's and laptops. Why migrate old data and take up space on a fresh new system? Virtual Data Archiving provides a safe place to move it once, where you can find it any time from now on. With your data safely stored in the cloud, it stays available without wasting space on new systems, or becoming a further management liability.
  • Low cost and no hardware to buy - Unlike using a USB drive or adding NAS to store old files, VDA has no moving parts, and is crash proof, theft proof and idiot proof. Legacy Archive allows you to start small and grow or shrink as needed, only paying for the storage you use on one monthly bill.
  • Works like a local USB drive - Legacy Archive appears on your system as if it were a local drive, so there is nothing new to learn or figure out. Just drag files and folders onto it or use whatever copy utility software you like.
  • It's a Green-IT solution - Legacy Archive has no cords to plug in (or kick out), motors to burn out, drives to fail and uses no power, so you'll save money on energy too.
  • Disaster Recovery is built in - Since Legacy Archive is off-site, it's not vulnerable to fire or flood. And you can trust that it will be there when you need it. A secure web portal lets you upload or download the information you need, any time you need it, from anywhere you need it after a disaster.
  • Save time, money and server space - Backing up data that never changes is just plain dumb. With Legacy Archive you move your "dead files" to the cloud and reclaim all that space on your server or hard drive. Keep your archives stored securely in the cloud and save backup time, expense and drive space.

SSL & AES-256 Encryption To Assure It's Secure

Data stored on our archive service is protected by SSL encryption while traversing the Internet and with AES-256 bit encryption to make sure your data is secure while at rest in the cloud. Your confidential information stays confidential. All data stored is automatically striped across multiple SANs in at least two data centers, so it's proactively protected to be available when you need it.

Check out our basic storage plans below and choose the plan that meets your needs. If you need something larger just let us know and we'll provide a custom quote. We support 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, Windows XP, Vista & Win 7; Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008, as well as Mac OSX and Linux.

Virtual Data Archiving Cloud Storage Plans

For Windows, Mac or Linux with 250GB of Cloud Storage $ 99.95/mo.
For Windows, Mac or Linux with 1TB of Cloud Storage $299.95/mo.
Additional Cloud Storage (in 250GB increments) $.50/GB/mo.

Why not let our Virtual Data Archiving service save you backup time, server space and money?

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