Virtual Density Launches RapidRecovery

An Affordable IT Systems Recovery Service Specifically Designed for Small Businesses

DANBURY, Conn., July 1, 2013 – Virtual Density in Danbury, Conn., one of New York and Connecticut’s most experienced providers of cloud-based on and off-site data backup, disaster recovery, and intelligent business continuity solutions, announced their offering of RapidRecovery. Managing partner and company founder Christopher Furey stated, “This is the first on- and off-site backup and disaster recovery solution designed specifically for the needs and budget of small business owners. It provides the power of hybrid cloud backup scaled to meet the recovery needs of small businesses with from 1 to 25 employees.”

Furey pointed out that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are creating more data than ever before and the value of that data is increasing. Simultaneously, the risks of data loss are also increasing. “SMBs have fewer resources to manage and protect data. The latest market research shows that at least 15% of SMBs have no data backup system in place. This puts them one hard drive failure away from a catastrophic, business-ending event. Research shows another 60% are only backing up on local, onsite storage devices. If that device malfunctions, critical business data will be permanently lost.”

RapidRecovery is an advanced, cost-effective and scalable IT recovery solution that provides even the smallest companies with a hybrid cloud platform for the virtualization of servers and workstations. By utilizing both on- and off-site backup, end users have a reliable and efficient way to ensure their data is recoverable regardless of any disaster scenario, including hard drive crash, fire, flood or loss of the office facilities. “Data loss and IT downtime is a major threat to the bottom line for businesses of all sizes and can result in lost revenue, reputational damage, decreased customer satisfaction, decreased productivity, intellectual property loss and supply chain disruptions,” explained Furey.

For the first time, Virtual Density is offering what they believe is a robust solution for every organization, regardless of size, to back up critical business data, plus ensure against costly downtime and extended interruptions in business continuity. “With RapidRecovery,” Furey stated, “we have designed a service that eliminates complexity for business managers and adds an unmatched level of service through a certified and dedicated support team.”

Furey also believes the cost of RapidRecovery is more financially manageable for SMBs. “The service is sold at a range of cost-sensitive price points and is targeted to meet the varying needs of small businesses while delivering superior functionality and an assured recovery process. We are so certain of the value of RapidRecovery, we are offering a $99 per month starter plan with no long term contracts, and a very low installation charge. Similar services currently cost as much as three to five times more in comparison, putting them beyond reach of the average small firm.”

Full system image-based backup is the backbone of the RapidRecovery service which Furey pointed out adds significant benefit in disaster scenarios. “Business managers no longer need to pick and choose what files are backed up, or worry about saving the most recent draft to a backup folder. In addition to protecting files, entire systems are backed up and virtualized so even the operating system and software applications, which keep a business running, stay active. This helps business owners avoid the hassle of securing temporary software licenses for alternative machines if a disaster should occur. The genius of RapidRecovery, allows the customer to launch a virtualized version of their systems in the Cloud in the event of a disaster. Those virtual systems are connected to the business owner’s network automatically. This allows small businesses to cut downtime dramatically as employees can work without any special connections or software, and that can really help keep someone in business.”

RapidRecovery services include: system image-based backup; seamless hybrid cloud virtualization both on- and off-site; automatic backup testing via Screenshot Backup Verification technology; bare metal restore technology to perform system restores to dissimilar replacement hardware in the event of a total crash; patented Inverse Chain backups to permit short recovery time and recovery point objectives; on-site hardware configurations which include a range of solutions from high capacity rack mount systems, to a small, palm-size appliance; plus cloud storage and recovery facilities which meet HIPAA and other major industry regulations.

Founded in 2008 as the first “pure-play” Cloud Services Provider (CSP), Virtual Density provides VMWare-based enterprise-class server hosting, online data backup, business continuity and IT disaster recovery, managed IT assistance, cloud storage and IP networking services for small and mid-sized enterprise customers throughout the United States. Services are provided to customers from Tier-3 and ier-4 datacenters in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, California, Amsterdam, Sydney and Singapore.

For more information about Rapid Recovery email Virtual Density’s Christopher Furey at or call 855.DENSE-IT. Additional information can be found at