Virtual Density CelebratesFive Year Anniversary of Companyand First Anniversary in City Center

Danbury, Conn., March 27, 2013 – Virtual Density, the Cloud Computing and Managed IT Services specialist, announced the five year anniversary of the company’s founding and one year anniversary since the relocation of their offices to City Center in Danbury, Connecticut. Company founder and CEO Christopher Furey commented, “March is a big milestone month for us. We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary as a business, three years since our last acquisition and our first anniversary at City Center in the heart of downtown Danbury. Our relocation from Federal Road in Danbury has resulted in a very positive expansion of our business. The move was strategic as we want to be part of Danbury’s vibrant and growing downtown business community. It’s a great place for new business startups, and for anyone who needs value-oriented office space.”

Furey founded Virtual Density in March of 2008. Previously, he was founder of Savvy Networks and former CEO of Another 9 in Tarrytown, New York. He is a cloud hosting and disaster recovery expert with over 30 years of IT management experience. “We specialize in cloud-based IT services which are ideal for startups, emerging growth firms, and any organization that wants to reduce capital expense in IT and the related HR support costs. We provide pro-active management of our customers’ IT systems that’s cost effective and allows small and middle market firms to do more for less money.” Virtual Density is dedicated to helping clients protect their critical IT assets and control costs, all while growing their businesses. “Through a suite of cloud-based data protection, infrastructure and co-managed IT administration,” explained Furey, “we help companies reduce variable IT support costs, increase IT systems availability and improve both business productivity and disaster recoverability.”

In March 2010, Virtual Density expanded its operations by acquiring the offices and assets of MagsNet, a Connecticut ISP and web hosting provider. Since 1998, MagsNet has offered server co-location, web hosting and email services. Virtual Density’s acquisition of MagsNet included that company’s clients, which opened up marketing access to their pool of customers, providing the growing business with a ready customer base for new cloud technology services. Furey commented, “Our client roster in Connecticut was instantly bolstered by the addition of MagsNet’s existing clients. Our new downtown headquarters provides us with easy reach across Fairfield and New HavenCounties and up to Waterbury and Hartford along the I-84 corridor. It has been a perfect fit for us with excellent results in expansion and a multiplied client roster.”

Furey explained that moving the combined company to Danbury’s CityCenter improved the reliability of their office infrastructure with the critical services needed to support their portfolio of IT service offerings. “During the recent snow storms,” stated Furey, “we never lost power because the electrical and telecom lines in CityCenter are all underground, instead of strung around on poles. Protected wiring allowed our pro-active monitoring systems to work reliably 24/7. We’re delighted with the decision to move to CityCenter, and we look forward to growing downtown.”

For more information, contact Virtual Density CEO Christopher Furey directly at 203-987-4566 x101 or email him at, or contact Virtual Density’s Customer Success Manager Jennifer Morandi at 203-987-4566 x102.