Virtual Density Announces A New Service Called, DriveSync Cloud Folders

“It’s like a file server, without the server.”

Danbury, CT (January 21, 2011) – Virtual Density, the Danbury Connecticut based Cloud Computing Expert, today unveiled DriveSync Cloud Folders, the latest addition to their portfolio of Cloud services and IT solutions. DriveSync Cloud Folders brings the power of elastic storage and the economics of The Cloud to any sized organization. Organizations large and small can now share drive space, securely sync files and access the data among teams of any size.

DriveSync Cloud Folders combines low-cost cloud storage with advanced drive sharing and data replication software. Simple to use, it appears as a local drive attached to your PC or Mac.

And it’s reliable, because it keeps a cached copy of your most frequently used files on your local hard disk, so you can work even when you’re without an Internet connection.

“I’m excited to be able to provide DriveSync Cloud Folders to our customers. This new service further demonstrates our commitment to provide a complete range of cloud-based IT solutions.” said Christopher Furey, Virtual Density’s President and Chief Technology Officer. “With Virtual Density, our customers can be assured we will deliver the services they require to meet their cloud hosting needs, and that we will provide ‘best of breed’ platforms and technologies to deliver the quality and security their organizations will rely on.”

Data stored on the DriveSync service is protected by SSL encryption while traversing the Internet. Customers also have the option of using AES-256 encryption so their data is secure while at rest in the cloud. This helps ensure all confidential information is properly protected. And, data stored on the DriveSync service is automatically saved across multiple storage networks redundantly, so it’s always backed up, protected and available when it’s need it.

With workgroup pricing starting at just $9.95 per month per user, DriveSync Cloud Folders is the perfect, affordable solution for small teams, consultants and enterprise workgroups that need secure, shared space to store projects. Best of all, it works without VPN software, requires no accounts on customer servers and eliminates domain trust issues or need for firewall changes.

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