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Cloud Computing is revolutionizing the way organizations work, share information and run the business. Today, almost everyone uses or accesses the cloud in some way to do their daily work whether they realize it or not. And it's likely you'll soon be using the cloud even more -- to share more resources, to save more money and to do your work more efficiently. The impact is that this distributed way of accessing computing resources is growing. Small and mid-sized organizations have a huge opportunity to benefit from the cloud, including from its technical advantages and its undeniable economics. We offers our "Ask The Experts" feature here moderated by Chris Furey, Virtual Density's President and CTO. This section of our site provides a place to ask YOUR questions on cloud computing and what that means to you, your work and your organization. Questions submitted to "Ask the Experts" will be answered directly whenever possible, but some questions may be re-posted here for the benefit of the general public. We believe the only stupid question is the one you're afraid to ask, so please accept our invitation to use "Ask The Experts" to increase your awareness of the cloud and how to best leverage cloud resources.

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