The everyday Cloud

The impact technology has made on the working world simply astounds me.  There's all this talk about the Cloud.  And it can be confusing.  What is the Cloud?  Do I need to use the Cloud?  If I want to use the Cloud, how should I use it?  Is it hard? Can I do real work in the cloud? Is it just a gimmick?

It's not hard.

Your Copy Machine: A Serious Security Risk?

It seems that even the most innocuous machines in the workplace can serve as a security threat to companies. According to this report from CBS News, many office copiers save the images they copy on a dedicated hard disk installed inside them. This means that everything from mundane memos to your most sensitive information such as financial statements and contracts are stored – and could potentially extracted. So the next time you dispose of a copy machine, if you’re not sure what’s stored on it and how to get it off – give us a call to help out. To see the news report, watch this video.