Today's spam is a fraudulent advisory about updating your email account.  It doesn't matter who your service provider is, this email is SPAM!  If you get this email in your inbox or your spam folder (where it belongs) DO NOT CLICK!


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aaS – a quick reference guide to "as a service"

You've heard them or read them all - SaaS, HaaS, IaaS, PaaS   Seems like there's a new one everyday and what do they all mean, anyway?

SaaS - Software as a Service -  or software that is available through the internet.  Simply put, instead of purchasing the software and installing it on your own hardware (computer or server) the software is available over the internet.

Sendspace spam may be a blackhole

This morning's crop of junk mail (properly sorted by SmarterMail into my junk email folder!) includes the email I copied below.

According to clicking on any of the links included in the original email (but redacted here for your safety) would bring you to a malicious website.

The Long, Slow Death of Windows XP Has Begun

Yesterday Microsoft officially kicked off what it called a "two-year countdown" to the death of Windows XP, its longest-lived operating system. According to a company spokeswoman, Windows XP and the business productivity suite Office 2003 both exit all support on April 8, 2014. On that date, Microsoft will stop shipping security updates for XP and Office 2003. XP went on sale in October 2001 and Office 2003 was launched in October 2003.

"Windows XP and Office 2003 were great software releases for their time, but the technology environment has shifted," argued Stella Chernyak, a Microsoft marketing director.