Spam Alert: Notice of appearance in Court #000469221

Straight from my junk mail folder comes this email "Notice of appearance in Court" complete with a .zip file attachment that, allegedly, is the court order.

I don't know about you, but the only time I've been in a court is as a potential juror but still I can tell there are several issues that should tip you off that this is spam and likely infected with something nasty.

Spam Alert! Mailbox size email

A client forwarded this message about his mailbox to me this morning.  

Like all the rest of us, this client is busy.  He's on the road more than he's in his office and he reads most of his email on his phone.  So, he probably didn't notice the sender's email address.

Manage your email

Is your New Year's resolution to better manage your email inbox?  If so, here are a few quick and dirty hints on how to make that happen:

Folders and Filters
Make folders for important subjects and senders in your inbox.  Set up filtering rules in your mail client to automatically sort incoming messages into those folders.