Spam Alert! – Funeral Notification

Boy was I surprised this morning when I found this “Funeral notification” in my inbox! I wondered, who in Florida would have the foresight to tell the local funeral home to send me an email about their impending “life service celebration” to be held later this afternoon….

Take steps to secure online info

Most people are conscious of their personal safety.  We lock the doors at night and when we leave home.  WE put on seat belts and look both ways when crossing the street.  Yet, when it comes to online security, most folks are content with a virus scanner, and do little about securing their personal data stored online.

Learn More About Prospective Employees

As a species we are social creatures, needing relationships to survive. That’s likely why social media websites are so successful. They give us a way to interact with others, even when we are physically alone. Organizations have found that social media sites are great marketing tools that can build a brand better than almost any other method.

Make Your Sales Department Social

There are many different ways a company can sell their products to customers, and one of the most underutilized is selling through social media. From one-man operations to multinational corporations, social media should be an integral part of marketing strategies.

Facebook Groups Now Do Sharing

Social media, an unknown topic 10 years ago, has literally transformed the way we interact with one another. Companies now place as much, or more time, on their online presence than their physical presence. Facebook is leading the charge, and is constantly giving its users new ways to interact.

Use Game Mechanics In Your Business

In 2009, the video game industry recorded revenues of $60.4 billion dollars, double that of the movie industry. One of the biggest draws to games is not the story or gameplay, it’s the competition and sense of achievement one gets when they beat their friend’s score, or a hard level.

Protect Your Identity – Delete Yourself!

Have you hit the wall and feel burned out by the social networking craze? Do you have a nagging feeling like you may be overexposed with too much personal information "out there" on sites you don't even use anymore? Just think for a moment about all the web sites that asked you to register before they'd share content with you.