Anti-virus and malware software – are you up to date?

 You already know that you need anti-virus and malware software running on your desktop and server.  But do you know if it's set up properly and doing its job?

Today, our support team fielded a call from a frustrated client who installed a new anti-virus package on his machine on his own but just a day or two later found his computer was slow and unresponsive.

Vatican Library Digitizes Ancient Manuscripts

Scholars, priests, historians, and followers of the da Vinci Files can now look toward the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (the Vatican library) with anticipation.

In a five-year joint project with the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, the Vatican Library is working to digitize and post online some 1.5 million pages from Greek manuscripts, 15th-century printed books (incunabula), Hebrew manuscripts and early printed books.

Get Your Business Ready for VoIP

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace over the past 30 years, with many devices moving from physical systems to digital or virtual versions. This includes one of the most useful: the telephone. While the use of landlines is still prevalent among the majority of businesses, many have started to turn to the digital version, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

VoIP has become the main backbone of voice communication for a growing majority of companies.

The Long, Slow Death of Windows XP Has Begun

Yesterday Microsoft officially kicked off what it called a "two-year countdown" to the death of Windows XP, its longest-lived operating system. According to a company spokeswoman, Windows XP and the business productivity suite Office 2003 both exit all support on April 8, 2014. On that date, Microsoft will stop shipping security updates for XP and Office 2003. XP went on sale in October 2001 and Office 2003 was launched in October 2003.

"Windows XP and Office 2003 were great software releases for their time, but the technology environment has shifted," argued Stella Chernyak, a Microsoft marketing director.

Your virus has been completed!

From: "American Airlines" <>
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 2:38 AM
Subject: Your order has been completed

ELECTRONIC 430869603
DATE & TIME / NOVEMBER 06, 2011, 11:53 PM
Please find your ticket attached.

Virus Here, Virus There… Virus, Virus Everywhere

I got a phone call this morning from a client.  Seems someone in his organization clicked on a link in an email and got immediately whacked with a virus that wiped out his Windows desktop icons and all the program entries off the Start button.  The offending email was in his personal account on one of the free webmail services (Yahoo in this case) and therefore had not been scanned by our corporate mail scanner.

Are Your Email Messages Ticking Time Bombs?

We all know someone in our lives who shoots from the lip. You know the type. That person who blurts startling stuff without any care for consequence. You may even do it yourself. Although we all have moments when we really want to tell someone off, most of us have a mental control mechanism that acts like an automatic trigger safety that helps to zip our lip.