SPAM Alert – Amazon confirmation email

I have to say, this one surprised me in that it's pretty well done.  Smartermail sorted it into my sales folder, as it should and when I opened the message I was wondering why the heck someone here at Virtual Density would have ordered a cell phone on our Amazon account and then I looked more carefully at the message...

When I placed my mouse over the "order details" button I could see that clicking on it would take me to some website in Chile - definitely not Amazon!

I order a lot from Amazon so I'm fairly familiar with the way their emails look.  Here's a legitimate confirmation email sent to my personal account with some details blacked out to protect the innocent.  

A few quick things to note in the legit message that aren't in the bogus one:

  • My name - there's no name on the bogus message, but it's there in the greeting and in the shipping information in the legit message.
  • Shipping address - there's no address in the bogus message, though I blocked it out in the example, it's right under my name in the legit message.

Remember - always look twice before clicking on ANY email message.  The bad guys are always scheming and they're getting better at making bad emails look legit!