SPAM Alert! We could not deliver your parcel

Have you gotten this email saying  "We could not deliver your parcel"?  I've seen a couple of variants pretending to be from FedEx and from UPS and I'll wager there are others out there.  I've gotten it with different wording, too.  They're all crap.Sample FedEx Spam Mail

How can you tell this is spam?  Couple of quick cues - there's no FedEx logo, the text in the message contradicts the subject line but the big tip off?   It's the type of attachment (see below).

Zip attachment for spam

The attachment is a zip file.  Zip files are a common carrier of viruses and malware and opening one of unknown origin can expose your computer and your network. So a zip attachment is a big red flag and you should NEVER EVER EVER open a zip file unless you know for absolute certainty where it came from...and who sent it to you..and why they sent it to you.  .

FedEx has a section of their website devoted to keeping their customers safe when it comes to emails

If you've been exposed to a virus or malware or ransomware we can help.
Call us at 203-987-4566 or open ticket at our service desk -