Spam Alert: Incoming@InterFax email

Spam Alert:  Incoming@InterFax email

Client called the other day and asked about an email from InterFax in his inbox.  On the surface the email looks legit, but the attachment is a .zip file and that's a big red flag!

You are your own best defense against spam based virus attacks.  Take a moment to read incoming messages thoroughly and review these three points before clicking on attachments or links in an email.

  • Do you know the sender?
    If you don't know the sender, don't open any any attachments and don't click on links.  Just delete the message.
  • Are you expecting a ZIP attachment from the sender?
    Even if you do know the sender, consider whether or not it's likely that they'd send a ZIP file or a EXE file.
  • Do you know where the link goes?
    You can preview links before clicking on them by hovering your mouse over the link and looking to the lower left corner of your screen.  There you'll see the address you'll be sent to if you click.  If it doesn't match, don't click.

InterFax is aware of the issue and has their own post about these emails urging users not to open them.

Virtual Density provides outsourced corporate IT service, we take a proactive stance in preventing technical issues from popping up in the first place. We can fix problems before you even know they exist, and we can do it without distracting you from your core work.  That means we you can boost to your day-to-day productivity - and therefore profitability.

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