Spam Alert: Notice of appearance in Court #000469221

Straight from my junk mail folder comes this email "Notice of appearance in Court" complete with a .zip file attachment that, allegedly, is the court order.

I don't know about you, but the only time I've been in a court is as a potential juror but still I can tell there are several issues that should tip you off that this is spam and likely infected with something nasty.

  • A lack of specifics:  Other than the "Court #'" referenced in the subject line there's no indication of court case this is about. There's also no court name or address
  • It's addressed to my email address; there's no mention of my name. When I get a jury duty notice, my full name is there.  And, it's mailed to my home, not emailed to my work.
  • The attachment is a .zip file.  That's a dead giveaway that this is trash and should be immediately deleted.

If this email came to your inbox, would you recognize it as spam and delete it?  I sure hope so!


caputer appear

Remember!  You are your own best defense against spam, malware and phishing scams.  Take a moment to read the email before you click on an attachment or link and NEVER, ever, EVER click on something if you're not absolutely sure or it's origin!

But, if you do get taken by a scam you can count on us for help. Call us 203.987.4566 and we'll get you straighten out.