Spam Alert! Mailbox size email

A client forwarded this message about his mailbox to me this morning.  email spam

Like all the rest of us, this client is busy.  He's on the road more than he's in his office and he reads most of his email on his phone.  So, he probably didn't notice the sender's email address.  If he had, that would have been his first clue that the message was bogus.  Or, he might have noticed the "to" address isn't his.

Lastly, if he'd gotten this message on his desktop he could have prescreened the link at the bottom of the message and would noticed that the link doesn't go to anything related to Virtual Density or to his company either.  If he'd clicked on that he would have gone to a site in Romania that's infected with malware of one sort or another.

We're all busy, but you're not too busy to read your email carefully.  Think before you click on links or attachments.  You are your own best defense against phishing and malware attacks.

If you've fallen prey to this or any other malware we can help you get your systems cleaned up and properly protected. Call us!  We're here to help.