SPAM Alert – You received a voice mail

If your company uses a phone system that emails voice mail messages or faxes, be wary of emails that look legitimate but actually contain malware or links to infected sites.  Remember, you are your own best defense when it comes to protecting your computer, your company and yourself from malware and viruses.   Let's take a look at the email I received today.

If you received this email, you might be tempted to click on the link without giving it a second thought, but... if hovered over the link instead you'd see that the link

leads here:

There are a couple of things that should jump right out at you and make you think twice before actually clicking on it.  The first is "".  It's unlikely that your phone system keeps your voice mail messages on a site called that, right? Does it even SOUND like somewhere your voice mail would be?  The second thing that jumps out is that the link ends with exe.  If a URL (or link) ends in .exe it triggers a program that can execute (or run) when you click on it.  Note, that if you're intentionally installing a program, it's OK to click on a link with .exe at the end.  But, you're trying to get a voice mail here, not installing a program!


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