SPAM Alert – you have received new messages from HMRC

I understand if getting an email that has any reference to taxes makes your heart stop, it's the easiest way to get my attention, that's for sure!  But, really, would a tax authority send you a notice via email?  Take a moment to look at the email below and see if you can pick out the red flags.

tax notice spam tax notice spam attachment

  • It's sent to support@ - that's a role address, not a person.   The support department does not owe taxes.
  • There's nothing of value in the body of the message that indicates where it comes from.  There's no "Dear taxpayer" or "Sincerely, HMRC" or "Regards, IRS"
  • Virtual Density is a US corporation - there's no reason any taxing authority in the UK would send us this.
  • The attachment is a .zip file.  All types of malicious things can be transported in a .zip file and so, never, never, never open one without knowing it's origin.

Remember!  You are your own best defense against spam, malware and phishing scams.  Take a moment to read the email before you click on an attachment or link and NEVER, ever, EVER click on something if you're not absolutely sure or it's origin!

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