SPAM ALERT! Benefit Elections

benefit elections spamI found this in my spam filter yesterday.  It purports to be from the payroll company, ADP.  It was easy for me to spot it as SPAM, since we don't use ADP for payroll processing.  But even that weren't the case, that there's a .zip file attached to this email would have raised a red-flag.

Not all .zip attachments contain viruses, though.  So, you are your own best defense when it comes to virus and malware protection.  Two quick rules to remember:

  1. Never, ever, ever, ever open a .zip attachment from a unknown sender.  Never.
  2. If you get an unexpected .zip attachment from a known sender - send a new email to that person, or give them a call, to verify before opening the attachment.

ADP released this statement yesterday about these emails.

If you've got questions about emails, think you have have a virus or just want some advice on how to best protect your company and your network, give us a call 203.987.4566 or email


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