Spam Alert! – Funeral Notification

Boy was I surprised this morning when I found this "Funeral notification" in my inbox!  I wondered, who in Florida would have the foresight to tell the local funeral home to send me an email about their impending "life service celebration" to be held later this afternoon.   Being naturally skeptical of emails like this, I took a closer look at the email below and here's what I found.

  • The email address.... - The .br at the end of the domain name means it's that's probably registered to a Brazilian company or a someone who lives in Brazil.  The Hubbell Funeral Home's domain name is actually as one might expect.
  • The "link" would have taken me to a restaurant in Peru.  Probably their website has been "hacked" and is being used to spread malware.
  • The text in this email isn't written well. "Please follow this link to get funeral invitation. Please be there to honor the memory of your friend with her closest people." I'm not being judgmental here, but it is *supposed* to be an email from a business.  The grammar is bad and the wording is stilted.
  • I don't want to find out that a friend died through an email from the funeral home, but if she gave you my email with instructions to tell me about the "life service celebration", the least you can do is tell me who died!

If you did get this email and you did click on the link, your computer is probably infected with some malware or a virus now.
funeral notice
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