Spam Alert! Voice Message from Unknown (669-335-7699)

Here's another example of an spam email designed to take advantage of us busy people!  We use a VoIP phone system here and when someone leaves a voicemail, or sends a fax, we get an email alert with the message attached.  So, it's not unusual to get an email like this one. But, there are a few items that mark *this* email as bogus.  There's a screen shot of the email at the end of this post.

1) One or more of the email addresses is wrong.  And, why would it be sent to more than one email address anyway?
2) The attachment is a .zip file.  Zip files should ALWAYS make you think!  Always verify with the sender before you open a zip file!

Remember - you are your own best defense against viruses and malware.  It's important to take a moment and really look at attachments and links before clicking.  An extra few seconds of careful study can save you untold hours of heartache and stress!  If you're unsure about an email, ask us!

voice message



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