Spam Alert! Domain Registry of America

Not all spam comes by email.  Yesterday, my husband got this "Domain Name Expiration Notice" in the mail.  His domain doesn't expire until March 2014, and it wasn't registered with Domain Registry of America but here they are reminding him to renew.

This letter is designed to mislead the otherwise uninformed consumer.  It looks official and it makes perfect sense.  It shows when the domain name will expire and offers three extension periods and plainly states the cost.  Further, it suggests other similar domain names that you, the owner of the domain name, may wish to consider.  It also very clearly states that you are switching your domain registrar.  It says, "When you switch today...." and " is the time to transfer and renew your name..." and "This notice is not a bill." and "...switch your domain name registration to the Domain Registry of America." and "Transfer and renew your domain name."  On the back of the notice is 3/4 full of the tiniest print I've ever seen (but can't read) and it probably explains the whole thing in perfected legal jargon.

If you get one of these in the mail, read it carefully and then tear it up and toss it out.  You probably didn't register your domain with them to begin with and you don't need to renew your domain 6 months in advance.  If you didn't ask for automatic renewals, your registrar will remind you with plenty of time to renew.  Virtual Density, for instance, sends out notices 30 days in advance.  You can check your domain name and it's expiration date at

You DO have to renew your domain annually, unless you renew for more than one year at a time. Services like email and your website will no longer work if your domain expires, so it is important that you don't let your domain name expire.

If you have any questions about your domain, whether or not you registered it through us, just ask!  Call me at 203.987.4566 ext 102 or email me and I'll be happy to help!

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