Spam Alert! New Message from Chase Online (SM)

This week at Virtual Density we launched our Lunch and Learn series.  Today and Tuesday, the topic was 'Self Defense for Small Business' and one of the topics we talked about was scam emails.  No sooner did we finish up this afternoon and I returned to my desk to find this email in my spam filter.

If I were a Chase banking customer it might have caught me off guard, but since I'm not I wasn't fooled.  But, what if I was?  How would I know it's not from Chase?  When you get an email with a link embedded in it, place your mouse over the link and then look in the lower left hand corner of your screen.  Check to see what the URL (or web address) is.  If it doesn't look right - it probably isn't.

Not sure what I'm talking about?  Try it with this link here

You should see in the lower left hand corner of your screen.  If you click on the "Click Here" (instead of just hovering) it will take you to that page.

Your best bet is to never follow a link that you're not sure about,   If your bank did send you a message it's accessible to you from their website, too.  Open a new browser window or tab and go to the bank's website by typing in the web address.

Remember, you are your own best defense against viruses and malware!

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