Spam Alert! Corporate eFax Message

You've probably seen it before; I know I have.   It's one of *those* emails; it's an attempt to take advantage of your trusting nature and of your busy day.  But don't be taken in.  Don't be fooled.  It's spam.

In general, if the email seems hinky it probably is.  What do you need to do to protect yourself?  Read the message.  Start with the Called-ID.  The area code referenced is for Toluca, Mexico.  Do you do business there?  Or, place your mouse over the link to read the fax (don't click!).  If you had this same email in your inbox you'd see in the lower left corner of your screen that the link will take you to and that's definitely not eFax.


Who's got your back when it comes to protecting your PCs and network? If it's not us, we should talk ASAP.

Body of email

Corporate eFax Scam Email body



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