Spam Alert! Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre

Fresh out of my inbox here's another piece of spam that could spell disaster for the uninformed or curious user who opens the attachment.  This isn't a new one - it's been around for a few years, but it's making the rounds again.  The attached zip file that comes along with this email is a trojan virus - don't click it!

We don't have a Xerox Multifunction device in our office so that's a dead giveaway that this is garbage.  It's important to note here that the senders email address appears to be an internal email address and that makes it look like it's a legit message, but it's not.  Report this message as spam to your domain administrator or, in most email systems, right click on it and mark it as spam yourself.

If you did click on it and need help getting your system cleaned up and set straight again call us 203.987.4566 or email us  We can help you get back on track and show you how to stay there.

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