Top 25 passwords – is yours on the list?

Passwords are the key to our world.

When I think about all the places I use a combination of numbers and letters to identify myself it's astounding. We all have passwords for things from ATM cards to alarm panels to email to Amazon and Shutterfly.  It's hard to remember them -  I do have a cheat sheet that I can refer to in case of emergency - but never, ever, ever do ever I use passwords that are plain text or sequential numbers and neither should you.  But lots of people do.

There simple ways to make your passwords less obvious and less hackable.  Use capital letters, substitute numbers for letters, insert punctuation marks and make the memorable word that you chose less obvious - or "0bv!ou$".

On SplashData's list of the top 25 passwords for 2012 the "password" is the number one used password followed by "123456" and oddly, "monkey" is right up there, too.  Who woulda thought, huh?  Read the whole list here and fer crissakes - change your passwords to something NOT on the list!

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