Anti-virus and malware software – are you up to date?

computer virus You already know that you need anti-virus and malware software running on your desktop and server.  But do you know if it's set up properly and doing its job?

Today, our support team fielded a call from a frustrated client who installed a new anti-virus package on his machine on his own but just a day or two later found his computer was slow and unresponsive.  After logging in remotely, our team found that while he had installed a legitimate anti-virus program, he hadn't set it up properly and so it wasn't doing anything. It took only a few minutes for us to diagnose the problem and about half an hour to get his machine back in running order with everything as it should be, but it could have been disastrous for him. He was lucky and we didn't find anything truly atrocious on his machine.  But you shouldn't rely on luck to keep you and your information safe.  Get your anti-virus program and malware scanners up to date and make sure they're running as is intended.

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