Goodbye, Irene!

Hurricane Irene came pounding through the East coast this weekend.  She left downed trees and flooded rivers, streams and roads all over.  In some places she destroyed roadways and flooded basements and even whole houses!

At home, we were without power for less than a full day and there's only small branches down in the yard.  There's water running down my driveway and through my yard, but that will dry up eventually.  I only had to detour twice to get to my office today, but I did have to really hunt for an open gas station.

As I drove into work today, I was thinking about the changes technology has brought to my world.  We had no power at home yesterday so naturally my PC didn't boot up, but on a smartphone I could have accessed the 'net over 3G and been checking my email and the weather forecasts or posting to Facebook.  I used my cell phone to keep in touch with family, friends and my boss via text message so I knew what I was walking into this morning.

And what did I walk into this morning?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Our colo customers are all happy and safe.  We never lost power here.  Nor did we lose ping. Our email and web hosting customers are all up in the cloud on redundant services so they were never even in jeopardy from Irene.

The morning deejays were repeating the mantra, "If you can work from home, today's a good day to do it." and if some reason I couldn't have made it into the office today, I could have worked from home.  Virtual Density uses a cloud based application for CRM, project management and invoicing.  I can forward my office phone to my house phone or cell phone from the Cloud. Our email is cloud based and therefore accessible from ANYwhere.  Any files I may need are on a virtual file server and I can log into my desk top computer for any items I might have locally (like the password to edit my blog!). And as long as my cable connection stays up, I can work on anything from home that I might work on from my desk at my office.

And when I'm not working?

Well, my personal email is hosted in the cloud.  Yep - so is yours.  Comcast, gmail, hotmail, AOL whatever your poison, er um platform, it's all out there in the cloud.  LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Skype, iTunes, Shutterfly, Snapfish,, eHow and lots of gaming applications they're all there in the cloud.

If you'd like to know more about how the cloud can help you run a better business check out our website,  call us at 203-648-9906 option 1 or email a cloud specialist at

You can reach me directly at or 203-648-9906 ext 102.  I'd love to hear from you!

- Jenn 8/29/2011

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